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My Role

Design Ops



August 2020 - December 2020


  • Discussion guide

  • User interviews

  • Vendor management

  • Journey map

  • Data analysis


  • Webex

  • Miro

  • Jira


The Ad Portal is a self-service digital tool that allows small business owners to create a commercial and schedule a linear television campaign. 

Problem Statement

The Ad Portal has a low renewal rate. The business did not conduct market research prior to building the application, leaving critical questions like “What does a ‘good’ TV campaign mean to clients?” unanswered.


The post-purchase client experience had never been studied. We did not have any data on what clients are thinking, doing, and feeling while their campaign is active and after it has completed, nor how they measure success.



Our goal was to better understand what client users were thinking, feeling, and doing in the post purchase phase of their experience, and what metrics or indicators they were monitoring to measure success against. 



We believe that by communicating more effectively and suggesting methods to measure their campaign performance with clients during and after their campaign, clients will be more satisfied with their purchase and reorder a second spot. 

User Interviews 


I worked with the Data Analytics team to generate a list of users that had scheduled and ran 2 or more commercial campaigns through the Ad Portal across all our markets in the past 6 months. I sent the list and a screener to our research vendor service that recruits, schedules and manages compensation. 







Structure and Goals

My colleague and I planned on conducting hour-long structured interviews with 5 participants over WebEx. Our primary goal was to gain a better understanding of the post purchase process including:

  • Understand why people did or did not renew

  • What did it mean when people renewed?

  • How users define ROI and determine perceived value

  • Reporting needs

Our secondary goals were:

  • Validate personas

  • Explore the impacts of coronavirus on small business owner's advertising habits

Test Script

"Everyone tells us [social media is] what we should be doing. Especially for small businesses. It’s what we have the time for. If done right it seems to work.”
- Participant 3
Test script.png

Interview Questions

Identifying Advertising Habits

  • What industry is your business in?

  • Does your business have a physical location/storefront?

  • How often do you advertise? Weekly, monthly, annually? Under specific situations?

  • What types of advertising do you do?

  • What is your annual advertising budget?

  • How did you discover TV advertising?

  • When you began using TV advertising what were your expectations?

  • Why did you begin using the Ad Portal?

  • What, if anything, did you learn about using the Ad Portal that you did not previously know?

  • What results did you see from your campaign(s)?

What is Good? Ad Portal Flow

  • How long did you run your campaign?

  • How much did you spend?

  • How did you produce your commercial?

  • If at all, how did Ad Portal's options for creating your campaign impact progress towards your advertising goals?

  • What challenges, if any, did you face in addressing your advertising goals when creating your campaign in Ad Portal?

What is Good? Post Purchase Experience

  • Why did/didn't you renew?

  • Did running your commercial impact your business in any way?

  • (If yes) what was the impact?

  • Who did you determine there was/wasn't an impact?

  • Was the outcome that you saw what you expected?

  • What effect did this outcome have on your decision to renew?

  • What did you do while your campaign was running?

  • Did you know when your commercial was going to air and on what networks?

  • If you had that information what would you do with it?

  • What did you do after you ran your campaign?

"Would I do it again? That I'm not too sure of.”
- Participant 2
Data Analysis

Time was limited between when we conducted the interviews and the deadline for enhancements and feature requests to be submitted for consideration at WSJF.


Our goal was to determine a least one actionable insight to be prioritized for development in the following quarter. While we knew that we were going to create a journey map based on what we learned and email communications, we needed to quickly analyze the data to discover an enhancement we could submit within 3 working days.


We opted for a Thinking, Feeling, Doing grouping of our notes. 

Screen Shot 2020-12-09 at 8.43.34 PM.png


  • Guidance for effective campaign is important for satisfaction and promotes renewals

  • Post purchase process offers new opportunities to guide and educate

  • Users do not understand that a commercial is a lead generation tool, not to drive directly to conversion

  • Impacts of Covid varied dramatically

  • New persona needed - Small Agency Stephan


  • Send users a post-campaign email that encourages them to view the reporting dashboard with a link to the dashboard. Consider an educational advertising tip to enhance effectiveness.

  • Live date – January 2021

  • Ensure requirements were communicated to Intake and size UI effort. Include in quarterly plan and slot into a UX sprint. 

Constraints and Issues

More time needed to conduct proper analysis

A three day deadline for analysis and communicating direction for MVP enhancement was difficult. It would not have been possible without the help of my coworker. Completing priorities also superseded research activities on Ad Portal. Much needed deeper analysis remained undone, namely analyzing and organizing findings to put in journey map.


Recruiting for remote tests is different than in-person

We had a 60% no-show rate undermining quality of the data. We also had difficulties with participants sharing their screen / connecting to WebEx.

Journey Map
Screen Shot 2020-12-09 at 9.11.42 PM.png

With more time after the deadline, my co-worker and I collaborated on creating the post purchase journey map. We gathered all emails that clients receive from Marketing as well as from our development teams containing network and daypart information for the clients. We found that many of the interactions left clients feeling discouraged and confused.

Screen Shot 2020-12-09 at 9.12.06 PM.png
Screen Shot 2020-12-09 at 9.12.23 PM.png
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